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[120204]Massive fan turnout for Girls’ Generation’s Best Buy event results in store shutdown

Girls’ Generation have once again proven their popularity, this time by shutting down an entire store because of their U.S. fan meeting.

The fan meeting, which was held at Best Buy in NYC’s Union Square on February 2nd, drew around 1,300 fans, causing the surrounding area to fall into confusion. The crowd was so huge that the NYPD were called in and concerns for safety resulted in the store getting shut down.

According to the group’s agency, SM Entertainment, a Best Buy official was quoted as saying, “This is the first time we had to shut down the store for safety reasons since Lady Gaga“.

In related news, Girls’ Generation made their U.S. network TV debut through performances on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman‘ and ‘Live! With Kelly‘. The girl group will continue their American promotional blitz with a ‘meet and greet’ event, held with promoters, broadcasters, and famous DJs.

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[120204]Yoona Exposes Sunny’s Temper on ‘Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys’

During a recent recording for jTBC’s “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys”, roughhousing between Kim Hwehoon and Park Kyunggyu eventually became a quarrel, leading to a court trial to solve the dispute. On that day, Yoona served as a witness and stated, “I’m usually really playful, but because of this, I get into trouble with my members.” She then revealed an incident in a waiting room at a music program.

Yoona explained, “All of the members were tired and sleeping in the waiting room when I started talking to them with a voice full of aegyo(cuteness). At that moment, Sunny unnie threatened, ‘I’m going to push you down from the stairs.’” Sunny was taken aback by Yoona’s statement and said that Yuri also got mad. However, it was said that Yuri denied this by saying, “I don’t remember,” making Sunny feel even more awkward.

This episode of “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys” is scheduled to air on February 5th at 7:30PM KST.

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120203 Girls’ Generation spotted at an NYC nightclub

Looks like Girls’ Generation took some time to let loose in New York City after performing on bothLate Show with David Letterman and LIVE! With Kelly.

A video was recently posted on Youtube with the title, ‘Girls’ Generation at a club in New York‘, where the 9 members Taeyeon, Yoona, Jessica, Sooyoung, Yuri, Tiffany, Sunny, Seohyun, andHyoyeon were spotted at a local club in Manhattan.

After the girls were introduced by the house DJ, they began casually swaying their hips to the music. Hyoyeon who is known to be one of the main dancers of the group was especially lively in the video, dancing with her hands in the air.

Netizens who saw the video remarked, “Girls’ Generation looked pretty in NYC“, “Hyoyeon looks excited to be at a club“, “Why didn’t the other girls dance more with her?”, and more.

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[120203]Sunny Featured in Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo’s ‘사랑해 사랑해’ (‘I Love You I Love You’)

On January 27th, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny made a surprise appearance in a teaser released for Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo’s first solo album. Miryo’s mini-album has recently been unveiled, and contains a song featuring Sunny, entitled “사랑해 사랑해” (“I Love You I Love You”). The song is a powerful collaboration, in which Sunny adds her smooth vocals as a contrast to Miryo’s fierce rap.

Jae Ik Cho, music business director of Nega Network (music label for Brown Eyed Girls), took the time to thank and compliment Sunny through his Twitter account for her contribution to the song. His message read: “Oh and my sincere thanks to Sunny, who managed to find the time to practice the song to perfection despite her international promotions, shocking the composer by knowing exactly the type of emotion that the song needed~^^ As expected of Girls’ Generation!!”

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[120203]Viewers Praise Jessica’s Acting Skills in ‘Wild Romance’

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica is making headlines with her acting skills in the weekly drama “Wild Romance”.

Jessica plays the role of Kang Jonghee, the unforgettable ex-girlfriend of Park Moo Yul, who is played by Lee Dongwook.

On the tenth episode of the drama, Jonghee was revealed to have a serious case of bipolar disorder, which caused her to leave Park Moo Yul in the past. While they were able to rekindle their relationship, disaster struck as Moo Yul’s stalker began attacking Jonghee. Upon witnessing a terrible event, Jonghee began to have a seizure. Despite Moo Yul’s efforts to calm Jonghee down, her condition continued to deteriorate from simple shivers to not being able to breathe. She even attempted to physically harm herself, which greatly upset Moo Yul.

In earlier episodes, Jessica’s acting had become a hot topic among viewers for her romantic kiss scene with Lee Dongwook. However, the latest episode allowed Jessica to show off her impressive acting skills by portraying a darker side to her character. Many viewers were enthralled with Jessica’s acting, saying that, “Jessica’s acting proves she worked hard,” and, “I felt bad for Jonghee who is suffering from bipolar disorder.”

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[120203]Sunny Proudly Wins the Title of ‘National Soonkyu’ on ‘Invincible Youth 2′

During the latest recording of “Invincible Youth 2″, the idols of G8 became grandchildren for the local village’s elderly members. In this episode, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and SiSTAR’s Bora became partners, and cooked for one of the grandmothers of the village.

At their first meeting, Sunny introduced herself by asking the grandmother to choose between calling her “Sunny” or “Soonkyu”. The moment Sunny finished her sentence, the grandmother yelled out “Soonkyu!”, showing that Sunny’s reputation from the “Invincible Youth”‘s first season has carried over. In fact, the other elderly members of the village have been calling Sunny “Soonkyu” since the start of the program.

This episode of “Invincible Youth 2″ will be aired this Saturday, February 4th.

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120202 Sisters Jessica & Krystal prove they were blessed with good genes

An old photo of Girls’ Generation member Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal has surfaced online.

The above photo was recently posted on an online community site with the caption, ‘A photo of the Jung sisters when they were younger.”

Their adorable and innocent image in the photo drew smiles from fans everywhere, as it is 180 degrees different from their current chic stage personas. Fans also took notice of how mature Jessica looked with her long straight hair, and how both girls were gifted with good genes, being natural beauties since they were young.

Envious netizens remarked, “Such good genes“, “Both beautiful since they were young“, and more.

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120202 Jessica’s upcoming kiss scene preview in ‘Wild Romance’

Girls’ Generation‘s ‘ice princess’, Jessica, is seen making out with Lee Dong Wook, in the latest released preview of ‘Wild Romance‘!

On February 1st, the release of preview for episode 10, has caused quite a stir amongst Girls’ Generation fans as Jessica and Lee Dong Wook are seen in the midst of a passionate lip-lock.

The KBS drama has been receiving positive reviews with a great story line, and the actors’ excellent performances, and will be sure to see their viewer ratings peak with this preview!

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[120204]Yoona confesses, “Sunny threatened to push me down the stairs!”

Girls’ Generation member Yoona spoke out about an incident where Sunny threatened to hurt her after a playful tease went overboard.

During the recent recording of JTBC’s ‘SNSD and the Dangerous Boys’, the Girls’ Generation members and the boys took to court the incident where an argument broke out in the boys’ dorm involving Kim Hwehoon and Park Kyungkyu. Yoona, who was also present at this hearing, unexpectedly revealed incidents that had happened within their group in order to support the boys’ case.

Yoona confessed to have gotten into trouble with some of her group members due to her playfulness and pranks going overboard by adding, “I have also been punished due to my prank on the members.”.

She spoke out about this one incident where they were all in the waiting room at a music program and because they were all tired most of the members had fallen asleep. But Yoona, being the playful type that she is, picked the wrong time to start throwing her aegyo to her unnies, and after a while when she didn’t stop, Yoona finally hit Sunny’s last nerve. Sunny had then exploded at Yoona threatening her that she will ‘seriously push her down the stairs’.

Surprised at Yoona’s sudden confession, Sunny rebutted that she wasn’t the only one, and spoke out that Yuri had also gotten angry at Yoona and was saying bad things that time as well. Hearing this, Yuri pretended she didn’t know anything which made Sunny lost for words in a difficult position.

Yoona also revealed that, although Seohyun doesn’t play any pranks on the other members, she does tend to say things straight to your face. For example, when the members go eat fast food, Seohyun would tell them, “If you eat a lot of fast food, you’re going to die”.

The court trial about the playful argument between Kim Hwehoon and Park Kyungkyu, and Yoona’s confession about Girls’ Generation members will all be revealed on February 5th at 7.30pm on JTBC’s ‘SNSD and the Dangerous Boys’.

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[120204]Girls’ Generation spent meaningful time with fans at Union Square, New York

At 7pm (New York local time) on February 2nd, Girls’ Generation’s 1st fan signing event in America took place at a record store within ‘Best Buy’ at Union Square, New York. About 1300 fans flocked to the venue to participate in the event.

To catch a glimpse of the girls, fans started to form a queue since the early morning and for the sake of the fans’ safety, New York’s police officers came to the venue to make sure everything was in order. In addition to that, ‘Best Buy’ halted all sales operations for safety reason.

A staff of ‘Best Buy’ said, “To this day, many fan signing events took place here but this is the first time since Lady Gaga’s event that we had to stop all sales activities for the safety of the fans”.

During the event which took place for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, Girls’ Generation greeted and shook hands with the American fans as well as spending some meaningful time by interacting with the fans directly.

Meawhile, for this promotional activities in United States, Girls’ Generation have appeared on main American TV channels such as CBS, ABC and NBC as well as interviews with various American media as well as ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions with influential club and radio DJs, broadcasting officials, promoters, etc. Girls’ Generation concluded all their American promotion schedules with the fan signing event which took place in ‘Best Buy’ outlet at Union Square, New York.

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